Today I am going to write about hot models on the beach…. sun bathing on sun kissed sands. A story about how these models came to be their hot selves and what you can do to woo them and have them swooning over you.

Just kidding. I am actually going to write about some thing more sexy- Individualism. 

This post is based on 1 of my favorite books and movies of ALL TIME- The FOUNTAINHEAD. I don’t intend to become a ‘wise geek’ or a ‘knowledge giver’, but such philosophies help shape my thinking and writing about them gives me deeper insights and more clarity.

The fountainhead is a story of one man’s struggle to express his individuality and be fundamentally free. I would like to place special emphasis on the expression –Fundamentally Free. This man’s name is Howard Roark, a revolutionary architect, a man of integrity, a man of vision and the epitome of individualism and independent thinking. In this story, Howard seeks to break the old and create the new. He had a gift, of designing buildings that were revolutionary in design. When the world had buildings and structures with a conventional and orthodox design, Howard wanted to create skyscrapers with a modern and contemporary façade. This sounds like standard practice today, but it is more about his ‘way of thinking’ over the architectural aspect of the story.

During Howard’s quest for creating skyscrapers in the middle of old style buildings and gothic architecture, he faced several obstacles. But he stayed true to his vision and true to himself. He didn’t express anger towards those who despised him, because he paid no heed to their doings. He did not compete with them, because he knew he was the ‘creator’. And creators create while parasites copy. He was unstoppable, because he thought nothing of them. He just continued to do his work. Howard Roark did not want financial freedom. All he wanted was to be true to his art and he wanted to be able to live for him self. He did not live to please others, he did not live to be famous, he did not live for anything or anyone but his art and himself. Extreme Individualism.  


There were many other characters in the movie, like:

  1. Peter Keating: Peter Keating was another architect who was at the opposite end of the spectrum of individualism, basically, anything but individualistic. He followed the social norm of architecture, sucked up to people all the time, he chased fame & success and in the process lost his own judgment and his own sense of individualism.
  1. Gail Wynard: Gail was the rich tycoon in the movie. He did not seek Fundamental freedom, but wanted Financial Freedom. As the owner of a big media publication, he fulfilled the ‘market need’ to fuel his financial success. The market decided his success. So he hired people who helped him shape the public opinion, in order to serve public needs.
  1. Elsworth Toohey: The orator, who was against individualism. He wanted to stop Howard, and aroused people against him. He wanted to use men as ‘tools’ to serve society, and not have them live for themselves.
  1. Dominique Francon: The hot babe in the movie, who wanted true love with a man of integrity, Howard, but was too afraid that society would not accept Howard, and so chose to live ‘safely’ compromising her desires to a large extent, until the end, when Howard was successful.Individualism

It was interesting to see Howard’s attitude towards each of these characters and how he dealt with each one. Personally I think individualism is great but extreme individualism is not healthy or sustainable. However, one cannot be the same as everyone else, because being like everybody is the same as being nobody. At the end of the day, life is a balancing act!






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