Why did God send me to this Planet?

Why did God send me to this Planet?

I believe in God. I also believe and feel, deep in my heart, that I have been sent to this planet, for a reason, for a reason bigger than myself, for a mission to impact the world around me positively, fearlessly, with passion and a genuine desire to make a difference. For some, this may sound fluffy, but I believe, that it is important to believe, and for me that belief is firmly rooted in the power of the divine.

I believe that God is one. And while I am certainly not a religious or ritualistic person, I consider myself deeply spiritual. It is faith that spurs you to take actions that others won’t take, or go down roads that others would think twice about. The stronger your faith, the higher your propensity to go down such paths. Of course, God, at the end of the day, only helps those who help themselves, and it would be sheer stupidity to go out looking for trouble or looking for risk, with the hope that God will come save us. You can’t drive a car, lift your hands off the steering wheel and think God will come save you from an accident. You still need to drive the car, and keep your hands on the steering wheel!

I thought about WHY I exist and why God sent me to this planet. Someone once told me, the 2 most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you figure out why. And while I don’t yet have all the answers, and life is a journey, I believe I have been born to solve problems, add value to the world, do something innovative and have fun along the way. Why live just to exist? Why live just to make a living? Life can be far more exciting and fulfilling.

To anyone reading my blog, I would love to share a few ways of making your life more meaningful, and hear your perspective too.

“Where there is doubt, build faith. Where there is despair, foster hope. Where there is divide, breed unity. Where there is hatred, spread love. And just do stuff!”Purpose

I hope to have a meaningful, prosperous, fulfilling and exciting life. I wish the same for you.


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