Commitment requires one to be intentional about committing. It is a strong decision and requires courage and discipline. The reason why commitment can be hard to develop, is because we do not necessarily have all the information to make an informed decision to commit. This is because our brain is generally hard wired into minimising risk, and only making a decCommitmentision when we have all the information. However, in the real world, where we don’t always have all the information, this approach only breeds inaction.

On some reflection, I wanted to understand why we don’t always commit and how we can develop a mindset to commit. The things that stop us from committing to a certain path, business idea or life partner is uncertainty, a lack of self belief or a fear of committing to the ‘wrong’ path. But isn’t uncertainty always present around us? In the fast paced world we live in, where nothing is permanent, each act of ours carries with it a certain amount of uncertainty and risk. The trick is to understand the uncertainties and risks associated with a certain path, and commit when the upside could potentially be a lot greater than the downside. One should always ask, “whats the worst that can happen?” and ALSO ask ‘Whats the best that can happen?” when taking a course of action. Such questions allow us to commit to a certain action without necessary having all the information.

Without committing to a certain path, nothing gets done. To achieve something and do it well, you need to go all in, with all your heart. Whether it is a relationship, a business idea, a career path, whatever. Commitment is a sign of strong character and an ability that must be developed to make the best of life, and ensure we make decisions and move forward in life.


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